Lovecode Lingerie Gentleman’s guide – how to choose lingerie for a woman

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What makes lingerie a unique gift? Women want to feel and look beautiful. Choosing and wearing lingerie is for them just sensual pleasure. It's not the underwear itself adds woman certainty , but the self-esteem created by the fact that she feels good in her own skin while in a beautiful matching underwear.

Sleek, sexy and high quality Lovecode Lingerie is the perfect romantic gift when you want your woman to feel special. To make sure gift is really successful, lingerie must be well matched, both in terms of the model and size.


Here are some simple tips


1. Check what’s in her closet! Remember, you buy this lingerie for your woman, not for yourself. That’s why you should to check secretly her closet.  If she has soft or padded bras and what kind of panties she likes – briefs or thongs? Does she like colorful lingerie or more toned, does she like lace etc. It's worth to know her preferences, thanks to that you will have certainty that she'll like the model you have chosen.


2. Very often men try to guess the size of the lingerie only at the time of purchase. You need to be better prepared. If you can browse through your woman's underwear drawer and write down the size of some of her bras and panties. Different companies may have slightly different markings and it can happen that you will find in her drawer bras of different sizes. But if she has a majority of bras such e.g. 80C – it's just best to buy this size.

When checking the lingerie size, keep in mind that some manufacturers use panties sizes as S, M, L, XL, while others (mainly in Great Britain) as 6, 8, 10, 12 (respectively).  Likewise, with bras - bra size consists of two digits of the circuit under the bust and the letter indicating the cup such as 75B, 80D, 65B, 80C or, respectively, 34B, 36D, 30B, 36C (a simple table for converting  international sizes can be found here).


3. Not sure which color or model to choose? You might find helpful that we put photos of each set on the models with blonde and dark hair. So you can imagine if that color or model of the lingerie suits your  woman.


4. Bet on quality. Cheap lingerie can look pretty good on a hanger or on a model (if you are shopping on the Internet), but be aware that it is often made of poor quality materials and poorly finished (fraying or asymmetrical lace, for example, lace flower motif is only on one breast on the other is only a mesh or a different pattern). Poorer quality materials can have a rough finish and irritate the sensitive parts of the body. In Lovecode Lingerie we put a lot of effort that our products are made with the utmost attention to detail and high quality materials. We are confident that our lingerie will satisfy even the most demanding women.


5. Did you know that buying lingerie for a gift on the internet is actually safer than in a shopping mall?  Buying in our online store, you can always return or exchange merchandise if anything is not  matching. You have up to 10 days to decide. Buying at Lovecode Lingerie you are sure that it will always be successful purchase.

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